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Top Notch Endurance 

Third-grade winners: Weston Clancy, first place; Jaidyn Philpott, first place; Reilyn King, 2nd; and Scotty Crocker, 2nd.

Ava R-I triathlon students, along with teachers and sponsors, rode their bikes a total of 128.7 miles during the summer school session this season.  For their efforts, all participants received a triathlon t-shirt –– blue shirts for first year participants, and orange shirts for those who participated two or more years. Teachers who organize the event acknowledge the success of the triathlon event is due to help received from the many volunteers who assist with students. 

Fourth-grade winners: Richie Ames, first; Daigan Hawkins, 2nd; Lexi Durham, 1st; Zoey Conner, 2nd.

Fifth-grade winners: Sawyer Huffman, 1st place; Hayden Sawyer, 2nd; Abby Fortner and Karissa Williams, 1st place; Kennady Preston, 2nd.

Sixth grade winners: Oliver Williams, 1st place; Logan Berg, 2nd; Alexis Philpott, first; Nancy Ames, 2nd place.