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The Best Fans in Sportsdom

Dear Editor:

The St. Louis Cardinals certainly have a terrific fan base. Albert Pujols played for the Cardinals though the 2011 season. He then became a free agent leaving the Cardinals for the L.A. Angels. Most Cardinals fans would have some sore feelings, but I guess time does heal all wounds. This past weekend Albert comes back with the Angels to play against the Cardinals.

Before I talk further about Pujols, let’s give congratulations to the St. Louis Blues, the City of St. Louis, the State of Missouri and to all the fans of the St. Louis Blues for winning the Stanley Cup and ending a 52-year wait for the Blues. Let’s Go Blues!! What a terrific series the Stanley Cup was with the Blues scoring twice in the first period of the final game, and then going on to win. The celebration this past week displayed by 500,000 fans who lined Market street enroute to the Arch to cheer for the team and give them the honor they deserve, was awesome!

So, after a city-wide Blues celebration, the Cardinal fans displayed their true grace this past weekend showing why they are the “ BEST ” fans in baseball. Albert Pujols, who became a free agent in 2011, electing to leave the Cardinals and joining a rival team comes back to play against the Redbirds. And how is he treated? With standing ovations each and every time he comes to bat. And how is he treated when he homers against the Redbirds? He gets a curtain call from the Cardinals fans! What?!? Yes, that’s right! Cardinal Fans—YOU ARE AWESOME!!

From Douglas County and beyond, Cardinal Fans are true spectators who love and appreciate the game, respect their opponents, but love their REDBIRDS as well as supporting the Blues!

Lionel Daugherty