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Patrol Releases 2019 School Bus Inspection Results

On June 5, the Missouri State Highway Patrol released information about the recent annual state inspections on school buses. 

by Michael Boyink /

The Missouri Highway Patrol recently completed its annual state-wide school bus inspection. The Patrol inspected 11, 958 buses and placed them into three categories:


Approved buses are able to be placed into service immediately.


Defective buses have minor issues that need to be fixed, but aren’t prevented from being used while repairs are made.

Out of Service

Out of Service buses are prevented from carrying students until repairs are completed and the bus reinspected.

Statewide, the Patrol approved 89.2% of all buses, found 8% defective, and 2.7% were placed out of service.

Ava R-I Schools had 34 buses inspected. 24 (70.6%) were immediately approved, eight (23.5%) were found defective, and two (5.9%) were deemed out of service.

“All of the buses are now fixed,” says Ava R-1 Superintendent Jason Dial. “The eight defective buses were fixed on-site and reinspected. One of the out service buses had a broken spring that we had to order a part for. The other had an exhaust leak that took a bit longer to correct.”

“The Missouri State Highway Patrol works closely with schools and private pupil transportation companies to ensure our students have safe transportation to and from school-related events. This professional relationship is most evident during the annual school bus inspection and results in a successful program,” said Colonel Eric T. Olsen, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. “The annual school bus inspection program is just one way the Missouri State Highway Patrol serves and protects our children and it will remain a priority.”

Missouri school bus inspection results are a matter of public record are complete results are available online at