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Historical Society Meeting – Summer Journal Out, Summer Events Set

Douglas County Historical Society held its monthly meeting May. 20, 2019. Pat called the meeting to order. Sharon gave the treasurer’s report and minutes from the April meeting.  J. D made a motion they be approved and Marilyn  2nd it.

Sharon gave a report that the flag had been replaced and she gave the torn one to Tom to properly dispose of it.

Pat gave an update of the storage of all of the old computers that are now stored in the garage. They do not have anything on them and are not old enough to display at this time, so they can be recycled.

Sharon gave a report on the flip file of Ava School picture and thanks to Rodney Alms and Preston Breshears. It is on display for your enjoyment.

Sally ask if we would like to have a rummage sale June 7 & 8, during the city wide yard sale.  Joe F. made a motion we do and Pat 2nd it.  If you would like to help either day, please contact Sally.

Sharon gave a report on the Summer Journal and everyone should have theirs by now. The stories this time were: Dedication to Elsie Atchison, Eliza Jane Ritter’s 1945 Calendar, The Panther story, My Life to Remember by Leon Sellers, The incredible Life of “Doc” Sellers, Obituary of Mary Coleman Rowe Hailey,  The Stout Family and our donation and membership list.  She reminded everyone it is time to renew their membership for 2019-2010 in order to get the next two journals

We then discussed when we would have our Open House, Quilt Show and 30th Birthday Party.  We set the date for Saturday Aug. 17, 2019.

Pat then appointed Amber Carmichael in charge of the nominating committee.  Joe Carmichael and Joe Fleetwood will serve with her.

Marilyn told about the 2500 miles of Art and Culture.  It is being held  June 10 though the 16.  Each day there will be something to do. Marilyn and Tim Ritter will be in charge of the Civil War Bus tour starting at 9 am on Monday June 10,  The bus will start out in front of the Ava Theater and will last approximately 2 hours.  They will be going to different civil war sites in and around Ava.  Tim Ritter will tell  stories about each site, so it should be a fun thing to do.  If you want to ride on the bus, you will need to reserve a seat by calling the Ava Chamber at 683-4594.

We then discussed the cost of a new metal roof for the garage, it was decided as soon as we have the money we will have the roof replaced. After further discussion of thing that need to be done and calendar signed by volunteers, J. D. made a motion to adjourn and Pat 2nd it.

Our next meeting will be June 17, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Museum and everyone is welcome to attend.