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Historical Society Meeting

Douglas County Historical Society held its monthly meeting April 15, 2019. Pat called the meeting to order. Sharon gave the Treasurer’s report and minutes from the March meeting. J. D made a motion they be approved and Sally 2nd it.

The Garage was then discussed and Andrew has got the new cellar door on. It really looks good and all we have left is to put a new roof on the garage. After a discussion, it was decided that when we have enough money raised for it, we would like it to be metal.

Sharon gave an update on the Journal and it is being proofed. She hopes to have the Summer Journal back by the next meeting.

We still don’t have the flip file of Ava School pictures ready for displaying, it still needs a little work, maybe soon

We then discussed the Special Display and it will contain a collection of Antique flower vases for the next few months.

Tim gave an update on where he was speaking about his research on Shifting Through the Ashes.  If you have a chance, be sure and go listen to this family story and what all he has learned. 

Pat showed the new quilt that we are selling raffle tickets on.  It is on display at the Museum and will be awarded to the lucky winner at our 30th Birthday Open House this fall.  The date will be announced later.

Marilyn gave an update on The Civil War Tour in Ava and it will be June 10, 19.  Tim is going to be in charge of telling the story on the guided bus tour.  If you have any question you can ask the Chamber or us about it.  It should be very interesting, but you will need to tell them you are coming, so they have a seat for you.

We then discussed replacing our flag.  After we buy a new one Tom will be responsible of disposing the old one at a flag ceremony.

After the calendar was passed around and the volunteers signed up for May.  We had a general discussion on things that needed some attention. 

J. D made a motion to Adjourn and Amber 2nd it.

The next meeting will be held May 20, 2019 and everyone is invited to attend.