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Middle School Lady Bears Overall Winners in Home Track Meet

Last week, Ava Middle School Lady Bears were hosts to the first home track meet, with eight schools attending.  In the competition, the 7th- and 8th- grade Lady Bears took first overall. The results are as follows: 

7th grade results and point totals

Ava, 139.5 points; Strafford 105.5 points; Cabool 68 points;  Sparta 29 points; Alton 28 points; Chadwick 15 points; Gainesville 12 and Mansfield 0 points.

Individual Results, top six earned points:

100m Hurdles: 4th Chloe Barnum 21.21;

100m Dash: 4th Mickaylah Shea 15.0; 6th Sydnee Snow 15.31;

4x200m Relay: 1st Riley Welch, Snow, Emma Dry, Kori Talley 2:13.5;

1600m Run: 1st Mallory Melton 6:20; 3rd Maggey Potter 6:31;

4x100m Relay: 2nd Kylie Goin, Haley Dale, Chasity Stanton, Yahira Saltkill 1:05;

400m Run: 2nd Talley 1:18.3; 4th Dry 1:20.4;

800m Run: 1st Melton 2:53; 2nd Adrienne Perkins 1:20.4;

200m Dash: 1st Snow 32.52; 4th Shea 33.22; 6th Goin 36.07;

4x400m Relay: 2nd Potter, Dry, Perkins, Melton 5:19.13

High Jump: 1st Barnum 4’4; 3rd Goin 4’2;

Long Jump: 3rd Dry 12’3; 5th Snow 11’6;

Triple Jump: 1st Barnum 27’3;

Discus: 2nd Saltkill 43’3; 5th Stanton 36’7.

8th grade results and point totals: 

Ava 148 points; Strafford 93 pts; Cabool 79 pts.; Chadwick 44 pts.; Sparta 35 pts., Mansfield 12 pts.; Alton 8 pts.; Gainesville 2 pts.

Individual Results, top six earned points:

100m Dash: 3rd Celia Fossett 13.95;

4x200m Relay: 1st Kaelyn Stillings, Sara Mendel, Olivia Gastineau, Lexie Gastineau 2:10.31;

1600m Run: 1st Angel Caudill 6:38; 3rd Makayla Byerley 7:19;

4x100m Relay: 4th Keeley Akers, Abby McNish, O. Gastineau, L. Gastineau 60.20;

400m Run: 1st Fossett 1:05.45; 4th McNish 1:17.9;

800m Run: 2nd L. Gastineau 3:02; 3rd Mendel 3:08;

200m Dash: 5th Akers 32.51;

4x400m Relay: 3rd Caudill, Stillings, Allison Denney, Kylie Scrivner;

High Jump: 3rd Mendel 4’4; 6th Caudill 4’2;

Long Jump: 1st Fossett 14’2.75; 6th L. Gastineau 13’1.5;

Triple Jump: 2nd O. Gastineau 26’10; 4th Mendel 26’8;

Shot Put: 1st Akers 30’2; 3rd Taylor Fleetwood 27’6; 4th Mackinley Goss 27’1;

Discus: 1st Qwynn Gieber 71’3; 4th Goss 61’1; 5th Scrivner 57’4;

Pole Vault: 1st Fossett 5’6.