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Ava HS Writing Contest Winners

Ava High School students shown above recently participated in a creative writing contest facilitated by the teaching staff. From left to right, they are: Patrick Vincent, Morgan Ray, Grace Key (3rd place), Leobardo Haro (2nd place), Hunter Drenske (3rd place), Layla Giorgianni, Grace Mathews (3rd place), and Avin Long (1st place). Participants Katie Boergert and Kylie Smith were unavailable for the photo.

Ava High School recently hosted a creative writing contest for all students in the high school.  

Objectives stipulated in the writing contest included planning, developing, and writing a story with a strong setting, characters, and plot structure.  Students were allowed to choose from several different genres including mystery, horror, sci-fi, romance, and fantasy.  

Ten student writers competed this year, with first place recognition awarded to Avin Long for his historical fiction story entitled, The Ultimate Sacrifice.  Avin won a book bag which included a $50 gift card, hand-made journal, pens and pencils.  

Second place was awarded to Leobardo Haro for his romance story titled, My Not So Love Confession.  Leobardo won a writer’s coffee mug, hand-made journal and $15 gift card.  

Three students were selected as third-place winners, including, Grace Key for a sci-fi/horror story entitled, The Door; Grace Mathews, a romance story, Strings; and Hunter Drenske for his mystery/detective story, Secrets from the Past.  All three winners received a mini-journal and a $10 gift card.  

High school principal, Dr. Teresa Nash, commented “all ten stories were well written and impressive.”