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The Snoop

The other day, while listening to a news program, the commentator stated “America’s drunk shopping habit” was exponentially increasing. 

Drunk shopping. 

So, I did a bit of research and found several studies stating the average American ‘drunk shopper’ spent $447.57 while under the influence of liquor in 2018.  Today, in 2019, the average has ballooned to $736.  

Drunk shopping. 

I have heard of binge shopping, emotional shopping, and addicted to shopping, but until now, never drunk shopping. offers a ‘boozing by the numbers’ chart, with statistics showing millennials spend the most with their purchases averaging $1,047.  This figure is over twice what baby boomers spend at $466, and Gen Xers, with $469.     

According to an article written by Zachary Crockett with The Hustle, “drunk shopping is an estimated $45 billion per year industry,” and based on information from both surveys, Amazon is the shopping site of choice by the inebriated.

Participants in the Hustle survey, were on the average 36 years old, with an annual income of $92,000.

79% of those interviewed admit shopping while intoxicated and even though it seems likely women might be more inclined to lead the march on shopping, that is not the case. Both sexes were represented evenly, as male participation in inebriated shopping was ranked at 79%, and women, 80%.

In addition, liquor choices associated with impaired shopping was also close in percentages, with 34% of drunk shoppers choosing beer;  29% choosing wine; and hard liquor drinkers, 37%.  No prejudicial distinction whatsoever.

In the state-by-state comparison, Missouri residents ranked in the mid-to low category as participants in drunk shopping sprees.  Numbers show the Show-Me-State ranked low when compared to many other states, especially the south.  The average annual amount spent by Missourians is $300-$399.  In Kentucky and Connecticut, the highest ranking states, the average spending amount was over $700.   

The survey shows clothing items are the No. 1 purchase.  Food items ranked second.  

And, believe it or not, when asked if their drunk purchases were returned, 80% said no.   

There is no doubt alcohol fuzzes thinking and loosens inhibitions.  Being under the influence creates a host of problems for the many who misuse.  We’ve all witnessed it, and maybe even been foolish as well.  

Drunk behaviors include a host of over-the-edge actions, such as those who pick up the phone and talk, talk, talk.  Or, text.  Then there are always those who resort to silly, foolish behaviors they regret the next day.  Now, shopping.  

The sad fact is drinking too much liquor impacts a person’s ability to think and make wise choices.   And when abused, it becomes a problem.  An addiction just like gambling, substance abuse, binge eating, and many other compulsive behaviors.  

For those who tend to have a tendency toward drunk shopping, there are preventative applications to curb the behavior.  One free ap is called Icebox.  Icebox replaces the buy button with a “put on ice” button, allowing items to stay in the shopping cart for 30 days. The purchaser may then choose to review the selections, when sober.  

Asked about their drunk shopping experiences, several noted “it was impulsive and not a good call.” 

Wow! It’s a $45 billion industry. 

So, please drink responsibly.