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Skyline R-II Board Meeting

Skyline R-II board members met in regular session on Wednesday, March 20, with all seven members present.  

Consent agenda items consisting of board minutes, bills and financial statement were presented and approved. 

In old business: 

Safety and Security concerns addressed this month:  Waiting for a quote on doors to replace double doors leading to the playground.  

The board approved the 2019-2020 school calendar.  The calendar has 162 student days built into it.  The Board reviewed information presented at the last board meeting about insurance benefits.  

No motions were made, so benefits remain the same.

In new business:  

A motion was approved to set the reorganizational meeting for April 17.  

Skyline has been awarded the Volkswagen Financially Disadvantaged School District School Bus Grant.  This grant will pay for 100% of a newly purchased bus up to $100,000.  To receive the grant Skyline will have to take one of its oldest buses out of commission to replace with the new one.   

In the Superintendent’s Report:

Enrollment for February was 84 students in K-8, and 11 preschool students.  

The next regular scheduled board meeting is Wednesday, April 17.