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Notes from the Douglas County Historical Society

Douglas County Historical Society held its monthly meeting Mar. 18, 2019.

Pat called the meeting to order. Sharon gave the treasurer’s report and minutes from the Feb. meeting.    J. D made a motion they be approved and Marilyn 2nd it.

We discussed the Flip File Stand for the Ava High Pictures and it still needs a little work before it can be displayed.

Sharon gave a report on the Summer 2019 Journal and she is waiting on one more story before it can be finished. The deadline was Mar. 15 for all stories to be turned in for this Journal.

Pat made a motion we leave the special display for another month and J.. D. 2nd it.

The calendar was passed around and the volunteers signed up for April.

We would like to welcome a visitor to our meeting, Marcia Stevens and we hope she will come again. We are always happy for anyone to come to our meeting and see exactly what we are about.

We are very proud of our volunteer George for all the hours he is donating, it sure has made a difference.

After a general discussion of things we need to do, who needs help with research, and different improvements that have been made, J. D then made a motion to close and Marilyn 2nd it.

The next meeting will be April 15, 2019 and everyone is invited to attend.