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Council on Aging Senior Center

By Tommy Roberts

We have books that you can take and read and bring back. No checking out cards; no late fees imposed; no cracking your knuckles with a ruler if you forget to bring it back. But please bring it back so others can read it.

Matter of Balance classes are happening each Monday at 9. Monday night music is always at 6 pm. Pat your feet or clap your hands, its good music.

This Tuesday will be the last day for taxes in Douglas County. I do hope you were able to call for an appointment and get your taxes done for free.

There is a Pitch Tournament each Tuesday at noon right after dinner. We play the 11 point kind. The top three winners get a free meal paid for by the Board. Speaking of the Board; they will have their meeting at noon on Thursday. You are certainly welcome to come and get acquainted. The former mayor came and had coffee with people on the first Thursday at 10; will the new mayor swing by and say hello?

Thursday is pinochle, dominoes, puzzles and free pool shooting. Grace Foot Clinic is by appointment only. If you cannot make your appointment, please call 683-5712.

Bingo on Friday at noon sponsored by Season’s Hospice.

Good food, good friends, good fun at the Ava Senior Center. 

   Somebody said to me last week, “You’re not fat. . . . just easier to see.”

Until next week, have a good ‘un.