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Retired Teachers Association March Meeting

At the March Retired Teacher Association meeting, guest speaker and author Leo Dowden shared a story that was published in the book Tales of Wright County Volume Two.


Retired Teachers Minutes- March 19, 2019: The meeting began with Jimmie Marler leading the pledge and Sue Durden gave the devotion.  Teachers in attendance introduced themselves and gave the number of years they had taught.  Karen shared that there are 28,000 state wide MRTA members.  The dues for MRTA members are $35, associates are $15 and local dues are $5. Karen also shared that Elaine Duey had taken over the community service project and that Jimmie Marler will be in charge of the distinguished Teacher Project.  

House Bill 864 sponsored by Jerad Taylor had two readings. It is very important that we stay informed.

Liability insurance for substitute teachers will increase from $17 to $25 for the year Dyanna Shaver made a motion to remove Sharon Marler’s name from the bank account and to add Jimmie Marler’s name, Janet Atkinson made the second and the motion carries. 

Speaker Leo Dowden shared information about the Trail of Tears. He read a story he had written that was published in the book Tales of Wright County Volume Two. He showed us an artifact that he had found on his farm. It was a large round rock with a circle indentation.  He speculated that it was used as a maul.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 16th. Dot made the motion and Sue made the second to adjourn.  Submitted by Elaine Duey.  

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 16, 2019 with Karen Miller speaking on MRTA Grant Scholarships and with Martha Schultz Region 10 President also being present.