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Letter to the Editor

March 25, 2019

Almost two years ago, White River Electric raised their rates and changed their administration fee to $31.00 dollars per month and then added the kilowatt usage to the fee.  They raised their electric charge because their customers were not using as much electricity and their revenue had significantly been affected.  I am on White River Electric and their rates over the last 8 or 9 years has slowly increased.  Over that 8- or 9-year period of time, our rates have not increased.  We did add an administration fee similar to White River Electric’s fee, but our fee is $22.00 dollars for residential.  Our Kilowatt charge is also less than White River’s charge and below we have listed some examples.

People that contend our electric charges have increased are mistaken and our fees are less than White River Electric Fees.  

The rumor that we give Copeland a preferred rate or charge them nothing at all is also false.  Copeland’s bill is equal to the kilowatts used by the entire city of Ava.  Half of our income from electricity comes from Copeland.  

We pay for our electricity and it is purchased from MOPEP, an electrical co-op at a cost of over $400,000 dollars per month.

I challenge anyone claiming to lower electric rates to show how the bills of the city would be paid under such an absurd claim. 

The fee comparisons listed below are accurate.  The White River Electric fees are actual fees charge to me at my home in Ava.  I am a White River Electric customer.

• Kilowatts:1195                                  

  Ava City: $134.23

  White River: $154.00

• Kilowatts: 1329

  Ava City: $153.83

  White River: $175.00

• Kilowatts: 1841           

  Ava City: $192.38

  White River: $216.00

• Kilowatts:1948

  Ava City: $211.47

  White River: $237.00


David Norman

Ava Mayor