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Reaching Out – Lifting Up

DCVMA Update

By Larry Morrison

The Douglas County Veterans  Memorial Association (DCVMA) swore in new officers Tuesday evening, Feb. 26.  

The new officers are President – Butch Linder; Senior Vice – Dean Downs; Junior Vice – Irvin Reynolds; and 2nd Junior Vice – Dave Frohman.  

Thelma Martin was reelected Secretary, and Alice Downs and Doris Haynes, Treasurers. The newly elected commander also gets to appoint the head chaplain and new members to the advisory board.  

Bernie Holstine, the outgoing commander, presented plaques to those who donated time assisting the post in activities, as well as those who worked during The Wall.  Bernie also presented a special thank you plaque to the entire member body for their exceptional accomplishments and hard work in 2018.  In turn, Butch Linder presented Bernie with the outgoing commanders plaque recognizing his leadership in 2018.

For the ensuing year, a new theme and fund raising activities were announced by Larry Morrison, events coordinator.  The theme for 2019 is “Reaching Out – Lifting Up.”  This theme depicts how the DCVMA reaches out to individuals businesses, veterans, families and senior citizens in Ava / Douglas County, and helps make our community a better place to live and raise a family.  

Lifting up shows how we work with families and underprivileged children to assist with necessities, food, clothing or financial assistance to give them a hand up.  

Morrison stated “our children are our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  If we don’t assist them with their dreams to chase their dreams,  then we can’t pursue our dreams and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will not be there.  Our children are our future, they deserve every opportunity we can give them.  For the past several years we have provided Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets to families, we support “Care to Learn” programs, Wright County Children’s Home, Glade Top Trail Run for scholarships, as well as many other funds we can’t talk about here but is designed to assist our local children.”

This year our fund raiser is One Thousand Gallons of Gasoline.  That’s Gallons not Dollars.  Each member of the DCVMA will have tickets available. In addition, veterans will have tables set up at all area Walmart stores as well as the Foxtrotter horse show events. 

Can-Am Power sports, who was a sponsor of The Wall, has invited us to participate in all his motorcycle events in Springfield, Joplin and Bolivar.  

If a person averages 20 miles per gallon, then one thousand gallons is 20,000 miles.  That’s over a year’s worth of gasoline for the average driver.   Everyone is invited to participate by purchasing tickets.  All money raised stays in Ava and Douglas County to support our local community.  None of the proceeds are sent to state or national organizations.  

The next upcoming event is the Victory Run, a 100-mile ride through the Ozark mountains that departs from Ava to Theodosia, and back through Squires and back to Ava.

The event is not restricted to motorcycles, but also includes cars and classic cars.  First place in the event is $300, second place, $100; and last place is $100.  The event includes breakfast and lunch, and many door prizes.  All riders and driver are invited to participate.  Contact any DCVMA member for details, or check us out on Face book.  The entry fee is $25 per rider and $10 per passenger.  Each entry receives a T-shirt, a free meal and a free ticket for a door prize.

We are still seeking members and volunteers.

We Serve – Because We Care