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Skyline R-II Board Meeting

The Skyline R-II Board meeting met in regular session on Wednesday, Feb. 20, with six members present.  The consent agenda items: board minutes, bills and financial statement were presented and approved.  

In old business, safety and security concerns addressed were:  waiting for a quote on doors to replace double doors leading to the playground.  U-bolts have been ordered and will be installed once they arrive.  

Calendar committee presented ideas for the 2019-20 school calendar.  The board will vote on the calendar during the March meeting.  The proposed calendar mimics Norwood’s calendar to help with coordination of high school students and bus routes.  The calendar has 156 student days.    

In new business:  the yearly insurance proposal was presented.  Skyline is a member of the OSBA insurance consortium.  The rate proposed includes a 7% increase over this year’s rates.  

The Board approved to hold summer school classes in June.  

A discussion ensued regarding preschool for the following year.  With an influx of students for the 2019-20 school year Skyline may have to switch to half day classes to include all eligible students.  

The board approved signing a license agreement from Software Unlimited for a new financial software program.  

In closed session the board approved a resignation letter from Superintendent Jeanne Curtis.  The board will begin the process of hiring a new superintendent.   

In the Superintendent’s Report:  enrollment for January was 85 students enrolled for K-8 and 10 preschool students.  Board Election is April 2.  The next regular scheduled Board meeting is March 20, 2019.