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Shepherds, Spaniels and Schnauzers Get Spiffy on the Square

Michael Boyink/Herald Dog Company owner Kira Collett prepares to brush Maya, a Toy Australian Shepherd.

By Michael Boyink

A Jack Russell terrier would flounce into a room, dashing from here to there in a great stubby-tail wagging frenzy.

A Bassett hound may slip in quietly, cautiously smelling things out and getting a feel for the new space.

Businesses can be a little like dogs. Some open with great fanfare, ribbon cuttings, and grand opening events. Others quietly unlock the doors and ramp up awareness, figuring out how to be efficient before getting swamped.

Kira Collett took the Bassett hound approach to opening her new dog grooming business, The Dog Company.

“I was nervous getting started,” Kira chuckles. “I didn’t want to jump straight in so I didn’t really have a grand opening.”

Kira is the daughter of Robin Collett, who owns Archie’s Family  Restaurant in Ava. That’s one of the reasons for Kira’s soft-launch approach to opening The Dog Company.

“I’ve been helping Mom out at Archie’s,” she says, “I’m actually still working there one day a week.”

Kira’s current dog grooming services are offered by appointment. She has hours posted on the business doors, but those are for when she has the boutique side of the business up and running.

“The Boutique will have dog collars, harnesses, leashes, dog food, and toys,” she says. “I hope to have that in place later this year.”

Kira has three grooming packages available. Prices are based on the weight of the dog.

The $15 – $47 Bath and Brush is for short and medium-haired breeds and includes a nail trim and pad cleaning. 

The $20 – $52 Bath, Brush and Light Trim is for dogs with long or dense coats that require more extensive brushing. 

The Complete Styling package with more trimming, clipping and finishing runs $35 – $94.

“There’s a lot that goes into grooming a dog. It’s not just putting shampoo on and calling it good,” Kira says. “Some of it is training the dog to move less so that I can groom them. A lot of it is just figuring out their personalities.”

Appointments can take from one to three hours depending on the package selected.

The Dog Company is located at 119 East Lincoln Avenue, on the south side of the Ava Square (in the former Backwoods Diva store). 

Appointments can be scheduled by calling or texting Kira at 471-543-8535. You can also find The Dog Company on Facebook at