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Historical Society Plans for the New Year

(AVA, Mo) – The Douglas County Historical Society held its monthly meeting Feb 18, 2019.

Pat called the meeting to order. Sharon gave the treasurer’s report and read minutes from the Jan. meeting. J. D made a motion the minutes be approved and Amber 2nd it.

We then discussed the Summer journal and the deadline for stories in this one which is Mar 15, 2019. There are several stories turned in and if you have written one and want it in, be sure and tell us. It should be an interesting journal.

We then discussed the special display and it will be about Spring and Easter.

Pat then told us about the new things donated this month and they include an antique hair dryer on a stand, and a flip file of about 80 graduation classes that the Ava School donated.  We have to create a stand for it to set on and then it will be available for all to enjoy. Our volunteer George has rearranged the school house and everyone that visits will be able to see one flip file with a picture of over 100 Douglas County schools and now the Ava School flip file. This makes our school house one-of-a-kind now.

We have a lady wanting information on the Gambles Store on the west side of the square. She wants to know when it was there and for how long. If you have any information on it, please get in touch with us.

Sharon said a new door was purchased for our storm cellar on the garage and it should be installed before long. Our garage is looking better, but we still have work to do on it.

After a general discussion on things to do and how we can help with different forms of research. J. D. made a motion to close and Amber 2nd it.

The next meeting will be March 18, 2019 and everyone is invited.