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Douglas County Herald Celebrates Our First Anniversary With Color

It was one year ago this week that the Douglas County Herald started producing color in the newspaper, and it was quite a change for all of us.  Especially our staff.

Within the community, most readers met the new offering with appreciation and excitement, as did Herald staff members.  It was time.  Nonetheless, there were a few readers that expressed difficulty in accepting color as the new normal.  They fought the change.  

The decision to adapt to color began well before the switchover was presented to our readers in March 2018.  Nearly a year prior, many changes were taking place in our office as to how the newspaper would be assembled each week.  

Color meant converting to a digital process and implementing new software methods. It also required leaving the longstanding traditional print methods behind.  There would be no more cut and paste layout, film and plate processing, or printing on the Goss Community press each Wednesday night.  

But it was time to move forward.  

With the new color focus, photo images most generally had to be larger.  Color also added a new  vibrant tone to our special offerings, such as holiday sections, and ads became more versatile and fun to create.  Our staff has enjoyed this new adventure, and we hope you have too.

In celebration, we’ve made some additional changes in this issue, and as we become more proficient in this process, more color may be added. 

Most of all, to our readers and subscribers, thank you for your patience as we have implemented  change –– and please know we truly appreciate your support and interest.