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SitterAdvantage –– Free App That Keeps Kids Happy, Safe When You’re Not There

There are literally dozens of apps on the market designed to find and pay for a local babysitter but What To Do With The Kids® has developed an app that helps that sitter keep the kids safe and occupied when the parents aren’t there.  The SitterAdvantage™ app offers emergency help including important information about the kids and an easy way to contact the parents at any time all in the palm of their hand.   SitterAdvantage is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. 

SitterAdvantage was developed by Brian Presley, a former youth worker, camp program director, stay-at-home dad and the owner of the parenting website What To Do With The Kids.  The app itself was created by a talented group of students from the Mobile Application Program at Ottawa’s Algonquin College.   

SitterAdvantage is designed to easily enter important information about each kid including any allergies, handicaps and disabilities they may have as well as any medications they may be taking.  A photo can also be taken and becomes part of the kid’s profile which can be used if the kid goes missing.  The parent’s information is also easily entered which includes: their name, address and cell phone number where they can be reached easily. 

When the Emergency page is opened the “Call 911” icon appears along with each kid’s profile.  With one touch the phone feature appears with 911 programmed.  Once the sitter is sure there is an emergency, they select dial to call for help.  This fast, two-step process is designed to eliminate the misuse and accidental dialing of emergency services which may result in a fine for the parents.

If the sitter has taken the kids to the park or shopping and an emergency happens, the “Show my Location” icon on the Emergency page uses the smartphone’s GPS to find their location so they can tell emergency services where they are.

The Emergency page also shows the parent’s address which will help eliminate any confusion during an emergency.  Following the emergency call, the parents can be contacted easily by telephone or by text.  The text feature also allows the sitter to send non-emergency updates as well.

Many parents have mentioned that they have overwhelmed their sitter with a lot of directions so the Task feature allows the sitter to easily enter instructions with a description along with a start and end time if needed.  A reminder can also be set so that there is little chance of an important task not being completed such as the proper bed time or when to give medication.

SitterAdvantage also features a Resource page with tips and advice for the sitter including a potential job checklist, a pre-job checklist and a location checklist for when they arrive to look after the kids. 

It also features links to the games, crafts and activities found at so that they can find a great selection of fun things to do with the kids that don’t involve electronics or using a screen. 

All of the information entered into SitterAdvantage is safely stored and is not transmitted.  There is no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases are needed.  Family information and profiles can be permanently deleted with the swipe of a finger. 

SitterAdvantage is available for free on the App Store and Google Play and will make your sitter, nanny or caregiver better and helps keep the kids happy and safe when the parents are not there.

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