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Two Wildlife Management Workshops On Journagan Ranch, Mtn. Grove 

By Clint Dalbom, Conservation Project Coordinator, Missouri State University

MSU Mountain Grove is hosting two upcoming workshops that are free to the public.  They are:

Prescribed Burn Workshop Saturday, Feb. 16,  MSU Mtn Grove Campus, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Free to the public, call 417-686-5043 to register;

Landowner Wildlife Management Field Day March 2, 2019, MSU Mtn Grove Campus, beginning at 10:00 am.  Free to the public, call 417-547-7500 to register.

Areas in South Central Missouri have been identified by wildlife biologist and specialist as having potential to re-establish bobwhite quail populations. This means there are existing favorable habitat conditions. Many times, on private land there are one or two missing habitat needs that prove to be critical for native wildlife species, such as bobwhite quail.

In South Central Missouri it is the occurrence of Ozark glades and surrounding woodland communities that prove desirable for wildlife. These cedar infested south and west slopes with exposed bedrock and very shallow soils still maintain many of the native plant communities that are so important to our native wildlife populations. These areas are not very productive sites, agriculturally, so they were never plowed or altered in a way that would have removed native plants from these sites. 

Managing these areas can produce an explosion of color from native wildflowers and forbs throughout the growing season. In recent years there has been much information published about the importance of native flowering plants for pollinator insects. The Ozarks are fortunate to have such a potential of these important plant species just waiting for the opportunity grow and bloom.

Two landowner workshops are planed for the coming weeks to help landowners who are interested in these topics. 

On Saturday, Feb. 16, there will be a prescribed fire workshop that will include instruction focused on planning a prescribed burn and in the afternoon, weather permitting, a demonstration burn will be conducted on Journagan Ranch. Call 417-686-5043 to register.

The other Field Day is on Saturday, March 2, plans to visit active habitat management on Journagan Ranch. These include, glade/woodland management, livestock water establishment, livestock fencing, native pollinator habitat, native warm season grass establishment and effects of prescribed fire. Call 417-547-7500 to register.

Both workshops will meet at the Mtn. Grove Fruit Experiment Station then travel to Journagan Ranch. They are free to the public, but space is limited, so register if you are interested in attending either of these programs.