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What About This . . .? By Wayne William Cipriano

By Wayne William Cipriano

What a wonderful, wonderful day!! I’m sure you remember it. If you had to be indoors, I am sorry. It is fabulous!

The moderate, even gusty at times, breezes were exactly what we needed to chase all the accumulated winter staleness outside.

Rosalie, the greatest sun worshiper I’ve ever known, is ecstatic as she revels in the springtime this one day affords us, and has decreed every single door and window will remain open until sundown.

I did not feed the cattle. It didn’t seem like they missed it. They just stood still in the sunlight and..just stood still! The cats lay immobile on the sun-warmed floor, even the call to food ignored. Everyone and everything happily at rest. Realizing, I am sure, this anomaly will not, cannot last, all of us seem willing, to put that realization away and just groove to the haps.

Several nice days led up to it with enough rain before it to provide a nice winter soaking. And this day, this bright, warm, balmy day tossed to us in the beginning of winter to remind us what we can expect in just a few short weeks is so very, very welcome. 

We took several walks around the place, wishing to assure the Powers That Be of our deep gratitude and appreciation. Thank you!

We are given to understand the dreaded winter averages will return and these 60’s and somewhere even 70’s will revert to the 40’s and no doubt a few even cooler days. But the promise of Spring is all around us today, and we will happily take advantage of that promise.

Who’s psyched for a dip in the pond?