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City of Ava Request for Qualifications

Legal Notice

City of Ava, Missouri

Request for Qualifications: 

Professional Engineering services for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Engineering Master Agreement

The City of Ava is soliciting statement of qualifications from experienced, qualified design and consulting firms to support and provide geographic information system products, surveying, engineering design and services under a three (3) year master agreement contract. Although budgeting and need are focused on the planning and public works departments within the city, this master agreement could potentially support all departments and municipal functions for their GIS and engineering needs. The successful firm will be the designated consultant to provide all planned, as well as “on-call” GIS related services during the duration of the agreement for the City of Ava.

The firm will be selected based on their demonstration of experience in the following major categories,

But not limited to: 1) Utility GIS development, specifically for water, electric, wastewater, and storm water utilities 2) Municipal and County GIS development in planning and zoning, parcel development and aerial photography integration 3) GPS utility field data collection utilizing RTK Survey Grade Equipment 4) ESRI software programs and tools 5) On-going maintenance and integration with various GIS files and datasets.

The City of Ava will execute a master agreement with the selected firm that will be utilized on a project by project basis, procured through purchase orders as approved by the city. 

      The following requirements must be met or exceeded by each respondent in order to be eligible for consideration under this request for qualifications. It is the priority of the City of Ava to contract with an experienced firm in order to avoid excess costs or errors in our projects and data. Submissions that fail to meet the standards as listed below will be automatically disqualified.

• 6+ years of demonstrated municipal and utility GIS and GPS support services to clients in Missouri

• Specific and recent experience working under a multi-year, on-call GIS master service agreement with a city that has a minimum population of 2,500.

• Experienced full-time staff already employed by the firm that would be available to provide ESRI based GIS data, design, and maintenance.

• Experienced full-time staff already employed by the firm that would be available to provide GPS collection utilizing survey grade RTK equipment.

• 6 Project examples and References in Missouri for city wide GPS data collection and GIS development. 

• Proven experience in managing and/or providing software tools, computerized maintenance management systems and web-based programs for maintaining GIS systems.

• Experience implementing condition assessment programs for infrastructure including but not limited to sewer, water, stormwater

• Engineering Report Development

• 10+ years of demonstrated mainline and service lateral CCTV Inspections per PACP Protocols 

• Project Examples and References for using LiDAR as an alternative method of survey

 The Proposal will be due by March 4, 2019 by 12:00 PM. Please submit three (3) copies of the proposal in a sealed envelope and mailed to: City of Ava P.O. Box 967 Ava, MO 65608. 

City of Ava is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of qualifications from minority and women-owned firms. The City reserves the rights to accept or reject all proposals.