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Skyline R-II Board Meeting

Skyline R-II Board members met in regular session on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019 with all six members present.  The consent agenda items consisting of board minutes, bills and financial statement were presented and approved. 

In old business:   With the resignation of a board member last month the Board had a vacancy to fill.  Board policy states that whenever a vacancy occurs on the Board the remaining members of the Board will by majority vote select an individual to fill the vacant position until the next annual school election. The Board voted Billy Harden in to fill the open position until the April election.  Billy Harden was sworn in and sat on the board immediately.  

Safety and Security:  The Board was updated on the u-bolt installations and discussed get a price for replacing the double doors at the end of the hallways.  Also, a donation was presented to purchase chairs for one classroom in memory of a past teacher. 

In new business:  The election notice was presented and approved.  Four community members have signed up to run for the Board in the April election.  Skyline has two three year seats and one 1 year seat available.  

The 2018-2019 Budget was presented and approved with amendments regarding updated revenue figures from DESE and expenditures that were not foreseen at the beginning of the school year.  

The 2019-2020 school calendar was discussed.  A committee is being formed to put together the calendar for next year and will be presented at the February Board meeting.  

Information was presented regarding the government shutdown and how it is effecting the meal and snack programs. 

In the Superintendent’s Report:  Enrollment for December was 86 students enrolled for K-8 and 10 preschool students.  The board reviewed the Spring 2018 MAP scores.  

The next regular scheduled Board meeting is February 20, 2019.