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Update: Local Effects of Federal Government Shutdown

By Michael Boyink

Here’s a rundown on how the ongoing Federal Government Shutdown is affecting Ava and Douglas County. We’ll update each week as the shutdown continues.

(Editor’s Note: The information below was accurate when we went to press, but could change at any moment.)

• SNAP (Foodstamps): Alert!

The State of Missouri Department of Social Services Family Support Division office in Ava confirmed that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments (historically known as foodstamps) are available, however recipients need to take note of changes to the normal distribution.

You will get your February Food Stamp benefit in January (one month early). You will not get a February Food Stamp benefit in February. You will need to budget your benefit to last through both months. The status of Food Stamp benefits past February is unknown.

• Post Office: Open

The United States Post Office is an independent entity, not funded by tax dollars but rather by sales of products and services. It’s not impacted by a government shutdown and remains open with normal business hours.

• IRS Tax Filings: Slightly Delayed

Deana Parsick of the Tax Diva in Ava says, “We still expect to start filing returns on January 28th. The IRS says to expect refunds in 14 to 21 days as normal.”

• IRS Tax Audits: On Hold

Residents currently in the middle of or waiting for an IRS audit will have to wait. Parsick says, “The IRS Audit department is closed and not answering the phone.”

• Forestry Service: Closed

The Ava/Cassville/Willow Springs Ranger District of the Mark Twain National Forest is closed. The Ava facilities are gated shut. A sign posted on the gate read, “The U.S. Department of Agriculture office is currently closed, due to the lapse in federal government funding. The office will reopen once funding is restored.”

• WIC: Available

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) “still operating normally,” says Valerie Reese, Administrator, Douglas County Health Department. 

• Low Income Housing Assistance: Available

“We’re still not currently affected,” says Karen Evans at the Ava City Housing Authority. “We do have a reserve to run on, but aren’t at that point yet.”

• FSA: Closed

The United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency office in Ava is closed. The sign posted on the door reads “Due to the lapse in Federal Government funding FSA employees have been furloughed.”

• Douglas County Soil and Water: Open

“Still open, come on in.” says District Conservationist Aaron Hoefer at the USDA Douglas County Soil & Water Conservation District / USDA Service Office in Ava.

• USDA Rural Development Loans: Not Available

The United States Department of Agriculture usually offers various loans through its Rural Development program. These are not currently available.


• FHA Loans: Available

The Federal Housing Authority offers government-backed mortgages that require lower minimum credit scores and down payments. FHA loans are being funded during the shutdown, but borrowers can expect delays.

• Douglas County Clerk: Open

“We’ve seen no impact yet,” says Douglas County Clerk Karry Davis.