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The Snoop

The latest trend in the high-end real estate market is to own a house that has what I would call an exorbitant number of bathrooms.  In exclusive neighborhoods, current home sales report that residences with ten or more bathrooms are selling for a higher price than comparable residences with an average number of powder room facilities.  And, according to real estate assessments, the investment pays off as today’s home buyers are willing to pay at least 30% more for a residence with a lavish number of bathrooms. 

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal real estate section, the current focus for the wealthy who own giant homes is having a multitude of convenient locations for using the toilet, with bathrooms situated by the reading room, game room, bowling alley, media room, spa, wet bar, and of course, each bedroom and every entry.  The article stated many of these lavish homes have as many as 18 or more bathrooms.  In fact, one of the homes cited in the article was a 12,000 sq. ft. home outside New York City which has 10 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. 

Instinctively, my first thought was who needs 16 toilets, tubs and sinks….and, who would want to clean each and every one of them.  But, that thought was fleeting, as these homes are likely maintained by others.   

People with excessive wealth most generally choose to live quite differently than we do here in the Ozarks, and it seems safe to say, they also embrace a much different lifestyle.  A way of life that likely includes extensive travel, exotic cars, multiple homes throughout the world, and much, much more.

In contrast, most folks living in our hometown work for a living.  They are committed to a steady job, as well as committed to supporting family, maintaining a modest home, giving back to community, and living life more simply.  Around here, having a mansion with 16 bathrooms is probably not a passing thought or concern.  

If honest, most individuals wouldn’t mind being exceptionally wealthy with gobs of money to spend, especially if able to spend without worry.  But around here, local folks would likely spend their newfound wealth a bit differently, foregoing all the bathrooms.  

But headlines last week about the rich and famous didn’t stop here.

Also making headlines last week was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and his wife, MacKenzie, announcing they have decided to file for divorce.    

The television report speculated the marital split would hurt Amazon stock prices, which in turn may impact the stock market.  

It also noted MacKenzie is a highly successful entrepreneur and businesswoman in her own right, and with the divorce, she will likely receive the largest-ever recorded divorce settlement, as Bezos is estimated to have established a net worth of $137 billion dollars.

Many news outlets highlighted the story for several days.  

However, one storyline about the Bezos caught my attention because the article’s headline made a brash bold statement in exceptionally large type stating, “It’s True –– Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness.”  

And with a chuckle, my mind spontaneously conjured up a subtitle to go with it which read, “No, But It Sure Can Buy a Lot of Bathrooms!”