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Beyond Understanding By Barbara Sisney Daniel

It was August 10, 2018. A church van from Faith Chapel Assembly of God in Overland Park, Kansas, carried a group of young people, the Pastor and youth sponsor going south on Highway 13 to Branson, Missouri.

Anticipating a fun-filled day, and anxious for excitement, when all of a sudden one of the back tires blew, sending the van toward an embankment and rolling to a stop.

Three teenagers died in the crash, injuring the youth sponsor. He suffered a broken neck, extensive, including a brain injury, concussion, broken ribs, damage to his eyes, shoulder, and a broken wrist, the doctor found later.

Tim Abbott is still in the hospital in Springfield, Missouri. As if this wasn’t enough, on December 30, 2018 just after Christmas, Tim’s wife Rachel died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, leaving behind her husband Tim, a nearly six-year-old daughter, and an eighteen-month-old son.

Rachel was a beautiful young mother, loving, compassionate, gentle and kind – always encouraging to others.

This is a tragedy that goes beyond understanding. Never chosen, nor planned, but they do change lives, and takes years to overcome the grief and loss.

One can’t help thinking about Job in the Bible, an example of suffering and trials and ask, why Lord?

The church is helping all it can, since it is a small church they are limited, but they do all they can to support and love this little family.

The holidays are behind us, and we are well into January, facing another year of uncertainty.

Each day is a gift. We must continue in our faith and prayer for others. This gives us strength and courage in time of uncertainty. Life demands us to open a new page and start over. Trusting in God and everlasting life.