Missouri to Attack Human Trafficking Under New Law and Awareness Campaign

During the 99th general assembly of the Missouri State House Committee, HB 1246 was passed to create a new poster and public awareness campaign to combat illegal human trafficking within the state’s borders. 

The bill amended RSMo 595 with a new provision requiring a poster “with information regarding the national human trafficking resource center hotline.”

The poster, which must be no smaller than a standard sheet of paper, must be posted in English, Spanish, and any other applicable language a county uses in voting materials.

Beginning March 1, 2019, the poster is required to be posted in a conspicuous location at hotels, motels, strip clubs (or other sexually oriented businesses), private clubs with permits for on-site liquor consumption, airports, passenger train stations, massage parlors, women’s health centers and numerous other locations including roadside rest areas. 

Businesses may obtain copies of the poster, read a copy of the law’s text, or download a PDF document of the required poster by visiting https://dps.mo.gov/human-trafficking