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Congressman Jason Smith – Capitol Report

Congressman Jason Smith

December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas

No matter how you spend the holidays, I hope this Christmas season brings peace and goodwill into your life. Inspired by the perfect savior given to imperfect people, many will find the ‘Christmas Spirit’ in their hearts and take care of the needy, volunteer at food shelters, sing Christmas carols to their neighbors, attend religious services, and find ways to spread cheer into the world. All of the acts of kindness and generosity around the world remind me that the child born in Bethlehem has touched more lives than any one person or even nation could ever dream of.

Here in Missouri, we will celebrate Christmas in our homes and communities, but we should remember the people who aren’t here who make it all possible. The safety and security we have to celebrate the holidays is made possible by the tens of thousands of troops who are serving overseas in the military and spending the holidays away from their families. Currently 1.3 million personnel serve on active duty, and just as our threats don’t take a holiday, neither do the brave men and women of our military. As you say a prayer with your family this week, I hope you can say a prayer for our troops who are stationed on every continent and every corner of the world.

This Christmas week also brings uncertainty. The debate over funding border security is ongoing as I write this, and it’s unclear if Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will shut down a portion of the government in blind resistance to President Trump and securing the border. If this happens, rest assured my office will remain open so we can continue to serve the good people of southern Missouri and hear directly from you what you’d like to see in a deal to secure the border and open the government.

I’m wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May the joy of life, family, and God’s blessings fill your heart this wonderful holiday season. I wish you and your family all the best – may you be safe, healthy, and ready to take on the New Year. Merry Christmas!