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Christmas is Forever By Barbara Sisney Daniel

My name is Lacy. I am a little gray squirrel with a beautiful bushy tail, trimmed all around with a fringe of white hair. My belly is all white, and my ears have white tips on the top. I am smaller than other squirrels and love to play and look for nuts to eat. I haven’t found many acorns to store away this year and had to work harder to find enough to eat.

I am happy it is almost Christmas, and I can meet all my friends in the forest. We meet at the famous fir tree where the snow has covered everything white and red birds sit on the snow covered branches. A bright star shines above to remind all the friends of the forest of Christmas. It will look like the star over Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

We will gaze in wonder at the Miracle of Christmas, as angels sing “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace on Earth.” The music will fill the forest and the trees will clap their limbs with joy as the wind blows through the branches.

I must hurry to find more nuts and berries to feed my guests. Mr. Rabbit, me, and Mrs. Squirrel will be coming. The Deers, Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon, also the Foxes. They will all be happy and at peace.

Oh, my goodness I forgot to clean my tree house. I must hurry. I will use my bushy tail to dust and sweep the floor. I must put food out for my guests, coming to visit for Christmas. 

I started cleaning every corner, working my tail like a broom, and filling every leaf bowl with food for my squirrel family. Then I remembered I had forgotten to send an invitation to Jesus. What must I do? I started to cry. I went as fast as I could run to the forest to look at the special Christmas tree. I waited until I could see the bright star shining brighter than before. Jesus had come. He is Immanuel. God is with us. And all creation waits.

Merry Christmas to all and peace to His people on earth.

This story is written for all the little boys and girls that love Christmas.