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Traditions: A Singleton Christmas

By Karen Singleton Heatherly

As I think about writing this article, I am filled with so many emotions, that it will be hard to put into words how I feel about this Tradition our family started over 50 some years ago.

The children of Clarence and Doris Singleton have made it a tradition to set aside the first weekend in December to meet at one of our homes, a time for all of us to reconnect. This year, it was at Dale and Marcie Singleton’s home in Wentzville, Missouri. 

Our older brother Johnny is always willing to bring and fry fish for us, with others bringing sides to go along with the fish.

Then the competitive card playing begins!!

As I listen to laughter and conversations taking place, I feel so blessed to be a part of this family. (Our ages at this time range from 85, for the oldest, to 64, the youngest). For some, this year has been a struggle, with some unexpected illnesses and deaths, but through God’s Grace we have survived.

It is a reminder to me also that life is short. No one knows what tomorrow will hold. One lesson our Mom taught us all is that Family is important, and I know this Christmas she was looking down with a smile on her face. 

Those attending this year were: Faye Krider, her son Steve; Evelyn Cantwell; Johnny & Marty Singleton, and their daughter, Kellie Stephenson; Ed & Joe Storey; Larry & Karen Heatherly; and Dale & Marcie Singleton. 

We all agreed on one thing: our eyesight is bad, memory is not what it used to be, and for sure we all need hearing aids.