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Part Two: Sugar is B.A.D.D. (Body Altering Destructive Diet) 

So why is sugar so BADD for us? It tastes so good and helps many things taste better RIGHT!?

Well, lets get some facts straight first:

1. A.G.E. means Advanced Glycosylated End products. So what is this? It is the result of sugars binding to tissues over time and causing diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular/Atherosclerosis, kidney degeneration, alzheimer’s and many other degenerative diseases including AGING! Yup, you read this right, sugars increase the aging process! So the fountain of youth has no sugar in it! Think sugar as Body Altering Destructive Diet. Keep your sugar intake low and therefore your blood glucose levels low and you will live longer, feel better, look better and stay healthier! That is research proven and just plain ‘ol good advice!

2. Because sugar is in plants, and we need plants to get our thousands of nutrients required each day, our bodies developed a system in the limbic area of our brains to help us crave the plants that have these nutrients by giving us cravings for the tiny amounts of sugar found in these healthy foods. Sounds good right? Well the problem is that when you eat just sugar or sugar with little to no nutrients in it, your limbic part of your brain gives you a craving for that food because there was not enough nutrients in it. Some people get cravings more than others. Why in the world would your body do that? Remember, most of the time on this earth, there was no sugar other than in the very plants we needed to eat! Here in lies the problem with modern foods. Processed foods have fewer or no good nutrients and still have sugar. So when you eat the sugar, your body measures the nutrient content against the sugar content (should be a lot of nutrients to very little sugar) and when sugar is high but nutrients are low, you are told to “eat more” cuz you missed something. Your body just doesn’t know how to handle sugar laden foods. 

3. Sugar is NOT the best energy source for our body. If that was a fact, then during the time that primitive humans walked all over the earth (which was the majority of the time we have been on this earth), they would have tired quickly and not gone far. But primitive humans did travel far. To the ends of the earth before motors and air planes were even thought of! Think about it, very little sugar in the foods we ate at that time sustained humans and allowed them to travel and populate the entire planet! Earth to people, sugar is not the best energy source. Its just that plants that have the thousands of different nutrients we need to grow, repair and live healthy all have sugar. That is why our brains focus on a drive to eat sugar so that we get enough of the foods with nutrients. Modern/processed foods have caused a great deal of problems with that system. 

So its up to you to learn and stop eating sugar laden foods and eat foods that have more nutrients than sugars. That is the design and we are what we eat. If you get one thing out of this is that sugar is NOT safe and can cause a lot of health problems. Start eating good now and you will begin to repair, grow healthier, feel better and give yourself a chance to live longer!

These are the Secrets to Living Healthy in the Ozarks.