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Historical Society Winter Journal Ready, Christmas Party Planned

Douglas County Historical Society held its monthly meeting Nov. 19, 2018.

Pat called the meeting to order. Sharon gave the treasurer’s report and minutes from the Oct. meeting.    J. D made a motion they be approved and Pat gave the second.

Sharon gave an update on the winter Journal, and all the members should have theirs by now and we have extra available for sale.

We then discussed how to store our extra donated items and the computers that don’t work or don’t have anything on them. It was voted to store the computers in the garage.  We will need to do some research on how to store some of the other items, so that they stay in good shape. After a general discussion it was decided to do some rearranging of the items in the school house, bedroom and military room.

Joe said he was working on the Stout family for the next Journal, and it is time to start on it. If you are working on a story or want to put something in, now is the time to start, so it will be ready for the summer edition.

We discussed our special display cabinet and it will be a winter display. Pat and Sally said they would decorate the museum for Christmas November 23rd.

After a general discussion of what we need to do, J. D made a motion to adjourn and Amber offered the second.

The next meeting will be December 17 and it is a Christmas Party, so no business will be discussed.  Come and join in the fun.