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From the Mayor


Dear Residents of Ava and Douglas County,

This letter is simply a reminder of the importance of the City of Ava to Douglas County and vice-versa.  For every dollar that is collected by our county in sales tax, more than 75 cents comes from within the city limits of Ava.   For example, if the county collects $450,000 dollars in sales tax per year for our jail, $350,000 dollars will come from the City of Ava retail sales.  We are the only town in Douglas County and the only place that generates a significant amount of sale tax within the county.  

Growth of our town in size and population is very important to our chances of increasing our sales tax revenue for the City of Ava and for Douglas County.  The better we do, the more tax Douglas County will have for the jail, bridges, and roads.  We will eventually have to expand our city limits to accommodate the needed growth.

 Our electrical rates are now being stated in the same manner as White River Electric rates.  Our rate for residential homes is $22.00 administrative fee plus a kilowatt rate of 0.0945 to 0.1.  White River rate is $31.00 dollars administrative fee and a kilowatt rate of 0.10256.  As you can see, our rates are lower that White River rates.  Once a customer is on White River Electric, they cannot change to City of Ava Electric nor can a City of Ava customer change to White River Electric.  

The City of Ava has no property tax.  People inside the city limits pay the same amount of property taxes as those that live outside the city.

We, the City of Ava, provide police and fire protection.  Our fire department has an ISO rating of 5, which is an excellent rating for a volunteer department.  We also provide brush and rubbish removal free of charge and our trash service is less than those that live outside the city limits.

We are looking forward to another good year for the City of Ava and Douglas County.  If you have questions regarding the City of Ava, please call or come in to City Hall.

Mayor David Norman