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Rep. Kelly Reassures Retired Teachers at MRTA Meeting

Rep. Hannah Kelly, 141st Dist.,  addresses the members of the Retired Teachers Association at their November meeting.

Missouri Representative Hannah Kelly, 141st District, was the speaker for the Nov. 20th Retired Teacher Association meeting. She reported that Gov. Parson has reassured members of his support for the retirement system.  The State Treasurers’ position is currently open due to Josh Hawley’s recent win for Senate.  Hannah reassured listeners that Governor Parson will appoint someone who is well acquainted with rural areas.  She spoke about the value of our small community schools, STEM education, and issues that teachers today are concerned with.  Welfare reform. Health care issues, concerns relating to the new minimum wage bill and how it will impact filling positions for educational, aids, eldercare, and other public service positions.

In regular business, Jimmie Marler led the pledge; Wilma Hutsell led the devotion. Vicki Stewart gave the Treasurer’s  Report. President Karen Sinning reported that state and local dues are due.  

Local Community service projects are the Wright County Children’s Home and the Country Living Assisted Living, Legislative Day in Jefferson City on Feb 12. 2019. Karen encouraged all to attend next regular meeting in March. 

December 7 will be our Christmas “meeting”.  Members will meet at the YMCA Craft Show at 10 a.m.  in Mountain Grove. Those who are interested will go out for lunch after.

Jim Krider will be at Hartville School on Feb 4 to speak to the teachers about the teacher retirement system. 

Elaine Duey and Sue Durden accepted the minutes which passed.

People attending the meeting were Dot Killough, Virginia Serghides, Debra Burgard, DyAnna Shaver, Janet Atchison, Karen Sinning, Sue Durden, Wilma Hutsell, Sue Hoetling, Ruby Ely, Elaine Duey, Joan Meigs, Jimmie Marler, Vicky Stewart, and Hannah Kelley.