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The Snoop

Nov 29 2018

This Thanksgiving Day holiday and weekend were overwhelmingly filled with Turkey Day Sales, Black Friday bargains, and Cyber Monday deals this year.  Television news reports showed footage of shoppers camped out in front of stores, hoping to maintain a place in line or herds of early morning or late night shoppers waiting to snag that special item the instant doors open.  

Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and according to media reports, bargains will continue to be available to shoppers well beyond the offerings advertised this past weekend.  

This shopping frenzy is not Thanksgiving, but nonetheless, the craziness seems to entice many….even in my family as well. 

I remember a few years ago when my husband and I visited with family, we anticipated a day of Thanksgiving food and fellowship.  But on this occasion, we found several family members had taken up residency on the couch, each with newspapers and flyers piled in their lap and on the floor around their feet.  They were prepping for a wild, all-night Black Friday shopping event.  

Because of their unrelenting focus on which sale to hit first, which store had the lowest price or the most items for sale….they missed out on a beautiful day and wonderful Thanksgiving memories.  

They didn’t see all the young cousins playing in the leaves or challenging each other to a game of “Horse” at the basketball goal.  

They missed the cheery, playful banter in the kitchen, and the lighthearted jabs about a football game on television.  But most of all, they missed the loving opportunity to assist the matriarch in the kitchen, which is indeed a learning experience all by itself.  

They missed the entire day which was filled with special family moments and memories. 

Today, as I reminisce about this  year’s Thanksgiving festivities with family, I fully realize and appreciate how precious family time is.  And, as in most families, the kids steal the show with their special moments –– antics that include Caden and Carter playing driveway basketball, with dying determination and enthusiasm to beat the other sibling.  A competitive game that overflows with intense focus.

Or, the joy of witnessing a once in a lifetime performance by Connor who has the spirited initiative to perform a repertoire of special songs from his upcoming Christmas program at school.  He did a fantastic job singing each song solo, with a sweet, loving smile.

And, Blaire who desired to show everyone she has learned to read a special storybook about animals.  She read each page with pride, and every so often, glanced to the side to make sure she was being watched.

These are the special moments to remember.  This is Thanksgiving.  

As we age and day-to-day activities becomes more restrictive, a reality I witnessed in my parents –– it is these wonderful memories and special moments that sustain us in the end.  It is memories that give comfort, put a smile on our face, and joy in our heart.    

In turn, I can only surmise that as the years pass by, those shopping spree bargain events many family members steadfastly focused on with persistent determination, have long since been forgotten. Also gone are the hard-to-get gift items which seemed so important at the time.

And perhaps, for those who were solely focused on Thanksgiving shopping and Black Friday bargains, also gone are the special moments they were too busy to share in.