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Daughters of the American Revolution Donate Books to Ava Elementary Students

Sandra Walker hands a donated book to a 4th grade student during a donation event Tuesday at Ava Elementary School.

By Jason Hoekema

Several books were donated to Ava Elementary students last Tuesday as part of a campaign to increase literacy and the love of reading. 

Sandra Walker, regent of the Carl Nieman Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), lead the group in it their first year of participating in a national project created by the organization.

Ten history-themed texts were provided to students in Annette Copeland’s classroom, who emphasized the importance of literacy and history for her students. 

“I personally think history is as important to a person’s learning as reading is,” said Copeland. “My students are beginning to learn how fascinating history actually is and how necessary it is that they know history…”

Copeland also has a list of other books the class is interested in acquiring.

“(They) need reading for any job they will ever hold,” said Copeland. “We’re always looking for resources, looking for new books. 

Walker   shared an similar view, stating that the nation is built on literacy.

“If you can’t read or write, you can’t participate in life,” said Walker.

The books were welcomed by students whose arms shot up at the question of who wanted  one. Titles included educational works about U.S. Presidents and  significant historical  events from America’s history. 

Cody Wilker held his book with
 a special  appreciation  for  the  donation.

“(I) just moved here, all of my books are at my old house,” Wilker said as he held onto one of the books.

The Carl Neiman Chapter is based in Ava,  part  of the Missouri  State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution  which was established in 1894.

According to the local chapter’s website, they work to promote history, education, and the sense of patriotism. 

DAR ties history  into maintaining “memory and spirit” of those who served and helped achieve American independence while educating the next generations and  cultivating a sense of patriotism  amongst  young  minds.


From left: Sandra Walker, Nina Carter, Marylyn Alms, Betty O’Dell and Janet Ariciu poll 4th Grade students during a book donation Tuesday at Ava Elementary School.