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Wood for Warmth, Firewood Program Aims to Help Homes Stay Warm

After the second day of cutting, the firewood pile at Master Dream USA grew. Weeks later, Mill Manager Kevin McDaniel estimates they now have about 20 cords for Wood for Warmth.

Reggie Bacon, Sheriff Chris Degase, Tod Roberts, Mill Manager Kevin McDaniel, Charles Easley, and Dallas Lansdown break for a photo on the second day of woodcutting and splitting for Wood for Warmth. The program will get firewood to the elderly and low income families this winter from the Master Dream USA saw mill.

Douglas County residents are getting some help staying warm this winter with a generous program to get free firewood to the elderly and low income families.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s office and Master Dream USA saw mill are partnering to give away firewood.

“The program is for the elderly, disabled, and low-income families,” said Sheriff Chris Degase.

“We had two choices of what to do with our scrap wood that was taking up so much space,” said Mill Manager Kevin McDaniel. “We could cut it and sell it, or we could help our community stay warm.”

McDaniel said Allison Shen, owner of the mill, supported the idea of sharing. “Our whole company has spent weeks cutting wood and even stayed late off the clock cutting wood,” said McDaniel.

Others have supported the effort too. Gene & Rene` King donated use of a wood splitter to the cause.

The free firewood will help families offset heating costs so they can use funds for other needs. Food Harvest will be spreading the word about the program to those they serve which will help free up money in their programs for other critical needs.

To get firewood, eligible residents must bring their ID to the Sheriff’s office to get a voucher for firewood Monday-Thursdays 7 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.. or 7 a.m. – 11 a.m. on Fridays. They can then take the voucher to Master Dream USA, east of town on Hwy. 14, and collect a truck load of firewood during the same hours. People will not be permitted to bring trailers, only trucks. To qualify for the voucher, individuals must fit the criteria for elderly, disabled, or low-income, and cannot be under investigation by law enforcement. The firewood is only for personal use. It cannot be resold. 

Sheriff Degase said that  assistance may also be available for those without a truck. A National Honor Society student and one local pastor have already offered to assist with deliveries.

Master Dream USA, formerly Fish Bros., has eight full-time employees supplying hardwood for furniture and flooring.