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SUGAR is B.A.D.D., Really

Part One: Sugar is B.A.D.D. (Body Altering Destructive Diet) 

So why is sugar so BADD for us? It tastes so good and helps many things taste better RIGHT!?

Well, lets get some facts straight first:

1. Humans ate very little sugar for the majority of our time on this earth. Really the only sugar consumed was in the leaves and roots that primitive people ate and was mostly glucose type of sugar or other starches that broke down primarily into glucose. There was NO sugar otherwise! So we are NOT designed to eat much sugar!

2. We all have an EMERGENCY SUGAR RESPONSE SYSTEM. It’s called your pancreas. It secretes a hormone called insulin in response to sugars that you eat. So even during primitive times, the tiny amount of sugar we ate from leaves and roots, the EMERGENCY SUGAR RESPONSE SYSTEM was used to stop the Body Altering Destructive Diet effects of sugar. Think about it for a second. Even a tiny amount of sugar was handled immediately, so that tiny amount of sugar could not cause harm! Remember, the tiny amount of sugars from these plants had large amounts of nutrients that our bodies need to grow and repair! Nutrients = GOOD and Sugars = B.A.D.D.!

3. Most people living in America are of European ancestry. Why is that important? Well, people of European ancestry, the amount of insulin response to fructose sugar is sluggish which means we don’t secrete much insulin when we eat fructose sugar. That means that fructose sugar remains in your blood stream longer causing more damage. So don’t eat fructose sugar right?! Not very easy as fructose sugar is an additive in many foods (high fructose corn syrup/sugar ring any bells?) and is abundant in most fruits, ESPECIALLY tropical fruits, which are fruits that grow best in warm climates. Remember that corn is a fruit and has a lot of fructose sugar. Corn is not an ancient grain, just a popular one.

4. Sugars bind to any and all tissues in your body. When sugar binds to tissues in the blood stream like blood vessels or blood cells, Body Altering Destructive Damage is immediate and is the reason for cholesterol/calcium plaque build up and hardening of the arteries. Sugar can bind to any tissue and cause damage, like brain, heart, liver, kidney and muscle. This is called “Glycosylation” which means glucose attached to tissue. The EMERGENCY SUGAR RESPONSE SYSTEM secretes the hormone Insulin that forces sugars to be turned into triglycerides (a fat molecule sent into the blood stream in place of the sugar because this fat is more stable than the sugar molecule and does not cause immediate damage). Insulin also allows cells to take sugar in the cell directly for energy use if needed. If there is not an immediate need for the sugar, health problems result.

Keep reading your paper for Part 2 in this series of Sugar is B.A.D.D.  

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