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Savanna Goats – By Barbara Sisney Daniel

Donna Blankenship lives in Alton, Missouri. She has a mixed breed of goat and is up to her ears in goat business. Her Savannas are the most interesting. 

The Savannas were brought to the Jurgen Schulz farm in Lampasas, Texas. Schulz was the first breeder in the United States (1998). Savannas are from South Africa. According to Pedigree International, Savanna was developed in 1955 in South Africa. They are tolerant to disease, heat, cold, rain, and sunshine. 

Savanna fur is white, and they have one horn. The female has four teats to nurse a larger kidding. They are sold for cross-breeding with the Boer goat, and for meat. The meat tastes sweet and is lean. The Savanna breeders have about 130 involved and the growth for the future looks good.

Donna loves her goats. She is looking forward to the kidding time in February, 2019. The miracle of life is a wonder and a gift from God.