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Ramblings of the Ole Parson – Robert E. Thompson. Sr.

Nov 15

Recently I was auditioning a ladies’ meeting when the speaker said something that really grabbed me.  “When you are doing the will of God, you are never a failure.”  How simple, yet profound.

Often we men think that we have the answer, but sometimes we might do well to listen to the ladies.  The Bible tells us that the woman is the weaker vessel, but this does not necessarily mean that she is the dumber one.  (You ladies will like that!) 

The statement above mentioned was right on target,  many of us men would have profited had we listened to the ladies, for often their insight is better than ours.

There is no question as whether or not it is best to do God’s will, but sometimes His will is not easily discerned.  Esau is a classic example of an hasty decision.  He forfeited his position as the first-born of Isaac because he was hungry.  It changed not only his future, but that of his posterity.

Doing the will of God is our most important concern.  It can affect your children’s future for many generations.