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Vote Wisely

By Paul Peyton

Really smart people are saying that the upcoming election is a crisis in American history. It is believed that if we fail to vote wisely, the nation will begin an unstoppable spiral into terminal conflict and loss of personal freedom. 

Half of the predictions come from Democrats.

The other half come from Republicans.

There exists a Great American Division, but the dividing line lies not between the two parties. The division is more properly labeled, “Pro-American” and “Anti-American”. As wise voters, we should consider every candidate, every promise, every action and every philosophy as either Pro-American or Anti-American.

“But every American is Pro-American or they would go somewhere else… Right?”

Sadly, the answer is no. This is the strongest, most prosperous, most resource-rich and most influential nation the world has ever seen. Dozens of powerful antagonists strive to control both the land and the people. Some perceive us as possessions to be controlled. Some see us as dangerous enemies to be destroyed. Some believe we are evil and must be converted or beheaded.

“But the people who hate America don’t run for political office. Do they?”

The answer is yes, they do. America is too strong to be taken by force. The route to takeover is through political deception and manipulation. The goal of the Adversary is to infiltrate and weaken. America must be weak before it can be taken. Weakening the nation – the economy, the schools, the military, the people, the Constitution, the morality or the reliance on God – is the tool of the Adversary. It follows that every vote cast by Americans is vital to restoring the way of life that made this nation prosperous and free. Every vote carries a message. 

“But I can’t see enough difference in the candidates to pick one over the other. I’m staying home. Doesn’t that send a message?”

It does. It says that you don’t care who wins. A foundational goal of our Adversary is to weaken our resolve to be self-governing. A no-vote message tells him that you are discouraged. Excited, enthusiastic participants in self-governance are very hard to overrun.

“Okay. I get your point. But how do I know what candidates favor a stronger America and which ones favor a weaker America?”

Your question goes directly to the political heart of the Great American Division. As voters, we need to know the realities of what has made America strong and what practices are creating weakness. Here’s a list of helpful hints.

1. Read the Constitution. Take your time; understand the meaning. Read it for the intended meaning, not for what it can be twisted to mean to promote a desired outcome. The USA did not become the greatest nation on earth by accident. The Constitution, as written, guaranteed free enterprise, personal rights and a government restricted to serving and protecting the people. Every American vote must protect and defend the Constitution. 

2. Support those who respect the freedom of others. Freedom is messy. Reject any politician, practice, principle or philosophy that use terms such as mandate or force. Even the term incentive should be regarded with suspicion. Incentives are used to manipulate the people into doing things that benefit the favored classes, but undermine freedom and prosperity.

3. Reject politicians who determine to “care for” favored classes. Forcing one group to work for the benefit of another group is anti-American and un-Constitutional. We fought the Civil War because one group thought it was okay to benefit from the forced labors of another group. Back then, we called it slavery. Support those who respect personal responsibility and who reject class favoritism. 

4. Specifically, reject those who seek the favor of minority, gender or ethnic divisions. Such politicians issue insults by implying those persons cannot survive without mandated favor by the government. This nation is experiencing the riots, the killings and the hatred that result from artificially-created class envy. Support those who promote unity; who oppose classifying and segregating.

5. Reject politicians who favor disarming Americans. We are easily bullied into believing we are safer with trained authorities taking responsibility for our well-being. As they say, “Dial 911. When seconds count, we’re only minutes away.” When someone wants to disarm law-abiding citizens, the question should be, “What are they planning that will make me so angry that they must disarm me before they act?” Favor those who do not fear honest, working citizens.

6. America was made great by the rule of law. Written law is stable. Americans are free within the restraints of law. When rulers persecute or prosecute outside the bounds of law, then nothing protects you from being jailed for being unlikable. Support those who abide by law and reject those who govern by emotion, passion, preference or class distinction.

7. Reject those who favor “Accusation Justice”. The philosophy of that group is, “The charges are so serious, they cannot be ignored.” The American system of justice says, “If the charge is serious and real, file a police report. Provide evidence and testify. The perpetrator will be convicted and punished.” America has no room for Accusation Justice. Leave such pettiness to the barbarous tyrants of the un-Godly. Support unbiased and just application of written law.

8. Favor those who support productive businesses, industries and individuals. Productivity drives prosperity; it discourages crime and envy. Reject the policies and people who obstruct, hamstring or discourage productivity.

9. Support people and practices that defend the American ideals of self-reliance, self-responsibility, productivity, duty, honor, impartial justice and personal freedom. Reject politicians who promote dependence on governmental action.  

Read the history of what made America great: the trials, the battles, the negotiations, the compromises, the sacrifices and the long, hard work. When someone convinces you that America is a brutal tyrant, study how we treat our enemies. Other peoples sever ears and hands and heads; they pull out fingernails; they beat prisoners to force false confessions. Americans are merciful. When the fight is over, we gather up our enemies and provide them with food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Instantly. We instruct them in the American Way and in Christian principles. We teach them to be friends and allies. We help them to a better life. We rebuild their nations.

Reject those who press for changes in the American System of Government. America was built on Christian ethics and practices: Thou shalt not kill or steal or lie or lust after the land or property of your neighbor. Love thy neighbor; love thy enemy. To reject the American System is to reject Christianity, Christ and God Himself. Something to think about before you speak or vote. Support the Godly. Reject the false pretenders of love and respect and restraint.

The current fad for the rejecters of America is to replace Americanism with Socialism. Anyone who favors Socialism must consider some realities:

1. No nation in history has been able to permanently convert to socialism. Socialism is unstable and cannot work for an extended period. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” Our current national debt should tell us that we have run out of our own money and we will, “…sooner or later run out of other people’s money.”

2. Those who favor Socialism envision themselves as one of the elite; one of the ruling class, living in luxury. The socialist reality is that there will be a small number of wealthy elites while the masses labor to support their opulence. Poverty of the working class is the reality of the socialist ideal of income equality.

3. The socialist “Utopia” is always resisted by the laboring masses. Those who resist – and those who are thought might someday possibly resist – are “liquidated”. Check the history of murders in socialist uprisings: The USSR under Stalin, China under Mao, Germany under Hitler… A necessity of Socialism is to eliminate the inconvenience of resistance.

4. The socialist society must ultimately steal from other nations to support its counterproductive restraints. The most brutal wars of history were initiated by socialist theft of the resources, land and labor of neighboring peoples.

The bottom line is this: Let Godly principles guide the wisdom of your vote. The original principles of the founding of this nation are the principles taught by the Holy Bible and by Christian Tradition. The person who votes against America, votes against God. Voting wisdom says to vote for the person who is honest, who favors no class, who favors impartial justice, who favors self-responsibility, who supports productive enterprise and who seeks the Will of God. The wise vote is for the candidate who is pro-American.