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Local Citizen’s Care for Stranger Appreciated

Dear Editor,

On Oct 19 of this year, our motorcycle group from Kansas City decided to ride the wonderful roads in your area. We did a gas stop in Ava and preceded to our destination of West Plains. 

It had rained earlier and darkness set in earlier than expected. Just outside of Ava one of our riders lost control when his tire went off the shoulder of the road and thus causing the motorcycle to go down the embankment and eject the rider. 

As we all stopped to help a vehicle that was following us stopped and offered assistance. The driver Jennifer Williams offered to take our rider to West Plains to the hospital for a check up. 

Another truck came along and he stopped and offered to keep the bike at his garage until it could towed to a repair shop. Unfortunately we did not get his name. 

Jennifer not only took our rider to the hospital but she came back the next day and brought some of his personal items to the motel. All in all she drove over 200 miles to help out a complete stranger. 

As a group we appreciated her kindness and wanted the community to know what a great citizen you have in your community. 

Our rider suffered a broken leg but is doing fine back home in KC. Thank you Jennifer and to the young man.

Eastern Kansas Tour Riders

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