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Huff Pleads Guilty, Receives Suspended Sentences

From the office of the Douglas County Prosecuting Attorney

(Ava-MO) – Dustin Huff, 43, Ava, who was the subject of a 10-day man hunt pled guilty before Judge Cynthia MacPherson on October 24.  

Huff pled guilty to domestic assault 2nd degree, burglary 1st degree and unlawful use of a weapon.  

On domestic assault, he received a suspended five-year sentence in Department of Corrections (DOC), and on the unlawful use of a weapon charge he received a suspended three years in DOC with the sentences to run concurrently.  

On burglary first-degree, he received a suspended 15-year sentence with the sentence to run consecutive to the other two sentences for a total of 20 years in prison. 

The execution of those sentences are suspended pending Huff successfully completing the 120 day Institution treatment program with the Department of Corrections.  If he successfully completes the program, he will have five years of supervised probation to complete.  Failure to complete the term of probation will result in the 20-year prison sentence being executed. 

Other probation requirements imposed on Huff include: 

• paying $8540.25 in restitution to Douglas County for the extra employee costs associated with the man hunt; 

• paying $1275 in restitution to one victim; 

• forfeiting the .22 caliber rifle that he committed one of the felonies with; 

• remaining in the Douglas County jail until he is transported to the Department of Corrections; 

• Not to have any contact with one of the victims, the victim’s family, or to be at the Ava Sale Barn; 

• he cannot reside at any house where firearms are kept even if the homeowner may legally possess firearms; 

• he must follow any and all drug treatment recommendations by his probation officer after his release from DOC; 

• he must pay $900 to the County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund; 

• he must pay all court costs which will be around $3,000. 

“Sheriff Degase and his staff worked very hard on this case. It was very stressful for them but they did a good job,” states Prosecuting Attorney Chris Wade. “Unfortunately, two of three victims refused to cooperate with the prosecution and the primary victim testified for the defendant at his bond hearing begging the judge to dismiss all charges that pertained to the primary victim. In light of several witness’ testimony, the Judge agreed to release him to a long term drug rehabilitation center if his family could get him in one. This would have suspended his case for 8 to 12 months until he completed the program.  Because of the ruling on bond and the victims’ refusal to cooperate, I decided a plea had to be reached and focused on getting as good of an outcome for Douglas County as was possible. This is the first case I am aware of in Douglas County that restitution is being paid to the county for the additional law enforcement expenses he cost the county.  Additionally, he will serve two decades in prison if he can’t complete the drug treatment program within the prison system and complete probation.  The Judge thought it was a very fair plea.” 

In addition to Huff, the court heard a restitution hearing concerning a burglary, two probation violations, and a first appearance on a felony drug charge.