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Does Douglas County Have the Mid-Term Election…Blahs?

Here are some facts and voting statistics taken from the Missouri Secretary of State election records:

In the last mid-term elections held in November 2014 in Douglas County, 2,933 people voted out of the 9,924 eligible voters, or 29.55% according to state records.  

Of the votes, 2,133 voted for Congressman Jason Smith. 

In Wright County, 4,097 people voted out of 12,450 eligible voters or 32.89%, with 3,157 voting for Jason Smith for Congress. 

In Ozark County, 2,674 people voted out of 6,942 eligible voters in that election or 38.52%, with Jason Smith receiving 1,833 votes. 

That same year, Schuyler County, in the extreme north of the state near the Iowa border, had the highest voter turnout in Missouri –– with only 50.82% of eligible voters showing up at the polls, or in numbers, 1,452 of the 2,857 who could vote, did.