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Beauty Will Save the World Art Show in Willow Springs 

The Willow Springs Arts Council (WSAC) will host an exhibition of works by Natalya Kharitonova entitled “Beauty Will Save the World,” a quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky.  The event is being held on the second floor of the Ferguson Building, in Willow Springs.  The show runs from Nov. 11 – 25, with  a reception on Sunday, Nov. 11, from 1:00 to 3:00p.m.

Kharitonova was inspired to do this exhibition because of her love of art, and her children’s.  In addition to the artist’s work, she will also display some of her children’s art that they are eager to show.   

Another source of inspiration is Kharitonova’s desire to help the people in Sinelnikovo, Ukraine, where she was born.  She came to America in 1999 and moved to Willow Springs in 2000, where she fortunate to now live.  All of the artist’s proceeds from sales at this event will be donated to the Hosanna Church in Sinelnikovo to help those who are in need.  

For more information on the Willow Springs Arts Council, visit us on Facebook or our website at  All activities of the Arts Council are sponsored by local donations and, in part, by the Missouri Arts Council.