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Ava Art Guild Names 2018 Fall Show Winners

(Ava-MO) – The annual Ava Art Guild 2018 Fall Show attracted 55 entries  submitted in a variety of media. The Fall Show runs through November 3. Come in and vote for Peoples’ Choice Youth and Adult.

The top entries in each category are:

Advanced Watercolor

  • 1st, Giraffe, Carol Britton
  • 2nd, Tiger Swallowtail, Carol Britton
  • 3rd, Mother’s Love, Carol Britton
  • 4th, View from the Art Guild, Jane Osborn

Advanced Oil

  • 1st, Decisions, Deborah Twa
  • 2nd, Rocky Mountain Trail, Jane Osborn
  • 3rd, Cowboy Boots, Jane Osborn
  • 4th, Ozark Festival Morning, Jane Osborn

Beginning Photography

  • 1st, Found Treasures, Lisa Hampton
  • 2nd, Remembrance, Lisa Hampton
  • 3rd. Kissing A Rose, Lisa Hampton
  • 4th, Butterfly Blue, Lisa Hampton
  • Honorable Mention, Michael Lawson

Intermediate Acrylic

  • 1st, Ava Train Station 1910, Cameron Cluff
  • 2nd, Bill Martin, Cameron Cluff
  • 3rd, Running Free, Cameron Cluff

Advanced Acrylic

  • 1st, Denver Mill, Rita Fancher
  • 2nd, Four Falls, Rita Fancher

Intermediate Oil

  • 1st, Hill Country, Carol Britton
  • 2nd, Gold Top Iris, Carol Britton
  • 3rd, Lilac and Little Blues, Carol Britton

Advanced Colored Pencil

  • 1st, Joyful Dance, Donna Howard
  • 2nd, Cowboy’s Horse, Jane Osborn

Advanced Pastel

  • 1st, Woodsy Sky, CP Stillings
  • 2nd, Winter’s Wood, Donna Howard
  • 3rd, End of the Rainbow, Donna Howard
  • 4th, Cloudy Day, Donna Howard
  • Honorable Mention, Marshfield Mill, Donna Howard

Advanced Mixed Media

  • 1st, Buzzard Tree, Dianne Richardson
  • 2nd, Night Owl, Regina Robertson
  • 3rd, Birds of a Feather, Kathy Reser

Advanced Fiber

  • 1st, Red Mist, Kathy Reser
  • 2nd, Royal, Kathy Reser
  • 3rd, Glorious Pansies, Kathy Reser

Advanced 3D

  • 1st, Ivory, Jim Davis

Advanced Woodworking

  • 1st, Ship and Easel, Ray Peacy
  • 2nd, Wood Spirit Walking Stick, Linda Peacy
  • 3rd, Wood Spirit, Linda Peacy
  • 4th, Dogwood Cross, Linda Peacy
  • Honorable Mention, Dragon, Linda Peacy

Under 18

  • 1st, Hackberry Emperor, Phoebe Knapp
  • 1st, The Color of Hope, Emelie Cavalier
  • 2nd The Trail of Life, Emelie Cavalier
  • 3rd, Shadows of Grace, Emelie Cavalier
  • 1st, Venice, Noelle Ballor
  • 2nd, Foxy, Noelle Ballor
  • 2nd,  Eiffel Tower, Noelle Ballor
  • 2nd, Europe, Noelle Ballor

Judge’s Choice Award

  • “Ivory”, Jim Davis

We appreciate our entrants and visitors.