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Amendment 1

Dear Readers,

AMENDMENT 1 has been achieved by liberal voters in St. Louis and outsiders from other states and interests.  Why would Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Soros, Planned Parenthood, unions, and other interests outside of Missouri be promoting and funding this amendment in Missouri? It is because this amendment will bring about redistricting in the state to eliminate the vote of conservative rural areas of the state.  Douglas County would not be represented!

This is a quote from the Springfield News-Leader:  

“The proposed amendment would require that legislative districts ‘shall be designed in a manner that achieves both partisan fairness and secondarily, competitiveness,’ meaning that ‘parties shall be able to translate their support into legislative representation with approximately equal efficiency’ and that parties’ representation ‘shall be substantially and similarly responsive to shifts in the electorate’s preferences.”

How do they do this?  They do this by connecting small counties with large liberal area of the state, i.e. St. Louis.  This is not in the interest of Douglas County and other small conservative counties.  This is not in the interest of Missouri.  So, don’t be deceived with a few good proposals within this amendment.  The goal is to shift the balance of power in Jefferson City towards liberal Democrats.   

Jack & Peggy Charchol