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Bud Hutchison’s Champion Fall Trail Ride

Riders on Bud Hutchison’s Champion Fall Trail Ride: Joe Hamby, Wilma Hamby, Chelsea Essary, Bill Winkelman on Cookie, Bill Brunner on Sugar, Larry Ratteree on Jessie, Jennifer Wolf on Peaches, Beth McElvain on Vivo, Ross McElvain on Gib, Hershel Letsinger on Duke, Jim McCoughlin on Gemmy, Don Hamby on Buck, Calvin Chamberlin on Missouri Jazz, Megan Carter on Gandalf, Nan Gonzales on Tenacity, Danny Richardson on Ribbon, Terry Wilson on Ty, Jeff Alcorn and Andrew Harden.  Not shown are Kate and Steve Assenmacher, who traveled in their Meadowbrook cart pulled by Donald.