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Loraine Turner Richardson Barber

Loraine was born August 11, 1928 in her parents’ home in Noble, Missouri and died June 20, 2018 in her home in Beebe, Arkansas with two of her children at her side.

Her parents are Charles Vallandingham Turner (March 9, 1865 – November 24, 1962) and Emma Ann (Turner) (McAllister) Turner (August 5, 1889 – January 30, 1967) of Thornfield, Missouri. 

Loraine was the middle child of three children born to the second marriage of Charles and the second marriage of Emma.  Charles had fourteen children, Emma had four children and their marriage gave them three more, Trellis Troy Turner (March 26, 1926 – December 4, 2015), Loraine Juanita, and Naomi Elizabeth (Turner) Walker (July 28, 1930 – February 20, 2013).  She was the last surviving.

Loraine proudly reminisced of her Ozark County heritage and big family. The common thread in all the stories about her family was that she missed and loved them all. The stories made her smile, laugh, and cry.  So when she’d be sad saying, “they are all gone” I’d only have to mention a story I’d heard and she’d perk up with a smile and tell one of her stories again.  

She was married for 37 years to Lionel Richardson (February 14, 1905 – October 1, 1982) with whom she had 8 children, Odette, Charles, Francys, Robert, Trellis, Philip, Morris, and Sally.  During these years they moved a lot, living in Missouri, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Texas, and Arkansas.  She spent most of her time making sure that the family was fed, had clean clothes to wear, and a bed to sleep in while trying to maintain peace amongst us.  Their children gave them three sons-in-law, 6 daughters-in-law, 22 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren, and 9 great-great grandchildren.  

Loraine married Ed Barber (deceased August 2013) in January of 1989, gaining another son and soon added a daughter-in-law.   The four of them would spend lots of time together playing cards, fishing, dining, and traveling. 

During the last week of her life many grandchildren visited.  They would sit attentively while she reminisced about her childhood.  What impressed me was that she only told stories of her Ozark youth. 

Loraine was happy during her last weeks.

She is buried in the Smith Westbrook Cemetery in Beebe, Arkansas.  All her children, many grandchildren and great grandchildren, two nieces, Sue (Walker) with husband Roy Byerley and Sandra Turner, and a few friends attended her private burial service.