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Ashcroft Promotes Safe at Home Program for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

 JEFFERSON CITY – Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is observing Domestic Violence Awareness Month by promoting his office’s Safe at Home address confidentiality program.

“Participants in the Safe at Home program have often had their lives uprooted by fear,” Ashcroft said. “For 11 years, Safe at Home has helped to protect them from the threats they face every day. Our office remains dedicated to protecting survivors of abuse and advocating on their behalf.”

Safe at Home was created in 2007 as a way to help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, human trafficking or stalking in their efforts to stay safe. The secretary of state’s office provides a designated substitute address for survivors to use when creating new public records, as well as the option to securely forward mail to their confidential addresses. These services help keep survivors’ confidential addresses out of the hands of their assailants.

Ashcroft worked with the Missouri legislature earlier this year to expand the program. Recent legislation added protection for victims of any crime who fear for their safety, and expanded protection for those who are living with the victim. It also increased protection for participants in a custody trial and strengthened protection for participants trying to relocate a child.

October is recognized each year as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It serves as a time to learn about domestic violence, promote laws, policies and programs to improve services to survivors, and provide the necessary tools, resources, information and support to prevent domestic violence.

To learn more about the Safe at Home program, visit or call 866-509-1409.